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DVD Copying 6 – All in one solutions

All in one solutions (Rip, Remove/Split/Shrink, Burn):

The listed DVD clone softwares below are recommend for those who only want to make a backup for their DVD. These tools will give you an exact copy, while saving you a lot of your precious time.

* Clone DVD 5 – the most popular DVD clone software which allows you to either transcode a movie, split it to more than two discs and/or remove content. It can also rips the CSS/region protection from the DVD. After that you can burn the movie to a DVD recordable with this software, a totally all in one solution and no other software is needed. Transcoding engine has been tested as one of the best in a recent article about DVD copy software by us. Besides that it also support external Nero burn engine, and multiple burn engines selectable.
* Blaze DVD Copy – Software mainly popular in America, is also able to rip, transcode, split and/or remove content. Transcoding engine has not been tested by us. Also an all in one solution that does not require any third party tools.

For ripping there are currently two utilities that are very popular.
* DVD decrypter – This software is freely available and is able to remove the DeCSS protection, it allows you to select which parts of the movie to rip and is even able to burn the files to a DVD recordable. – Freeware
* AnyDVD – This software is able to remove the DeCSS protection, but is able to do this on the fly. Where you need to spend a lot of time with DVD Decrypter to copy the movie to your hard disk, this software allows you to rip and burn. Insert the disc in a DVD reading device, and use your favorite software to remove content, split discs or transcode.

* DVD Shrink (also ripping) – This free software does a good job in transcoding and is also able to rip the contents of the DVD. Its strongest points are the possibility to set the compression level, the ability to rip content and that it is totally free. – Freeware
* DVD2One – This was the first transcoding engine available on the internet and is still considered as one of the best and fastest engines. Combined with AnyDVD for ripping and CopyToDVD for burning, you will have a perfect combination that is build to work together. Also allows you to select the content you want to remove.
* DVD95Copy – Also a transcoding engine, rumors are that D-C-S is using the engine of this software.

Transcoding + Burning:
* CloneDVD – This software has been developed by Elby, the developers of CloneCD. Has one of the best looking user interfaces and a well performing transcoding engine. Of course burning is neither a problem. Also works well with AnyDVD.
* Pinnacle Instant Copy – This software has according to our test the best transcoding engine, but has the disadvantage that it is terribly slow. Our tests showed that other software might be up to 3x faster and that’s a lot when talking about hours and not minutes.
* Nero Recode – Rumors are that it is based on DVDShrink, because of the similiarities with that software, is included in the Nero 6 package and therefore also has the ability to burn to a DVD.

* CopyToDVD – Small tool developed by the French software company VSO-Software, creates DVD compliant discs. Its engine is also used in other products and the software is optimized to work with DVD2One. Together they are a  perfect and powerful solution.
* Nero – Being the emperor of CD burning, this software of course also allows DVD burning. Select the files you have ripped and/or transcoded and burn them to a DVD recordable.
* Easy CD/DVD Creator – Widely used and easy to use. When you have already installed this software, there is no need to purchase something else.
* Recordnow Max – Popular by many, easy to use and creates perfectly working DVDs.