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How to Split a DVD With CloneDVD?

CloneDVDSplit Disc mode allows users to split a DVD-9 into two DVD-5 discs but still get high quality. DVD-9 (dual-layered DVD) owns a double capacity of a DVD-5 (single-layered DVD). When you choose the Split disc mode, CloneDVD will fit the movie on a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs automatically with a specific border between the two.

CloneDVD copies features and menu selection to first disc only, and split the longest title by chapters onto both discs. For example, if a DVD-9 contains 25 chapters, it might fit the former 14 chapters on disc 1, and latter 11 chapters on disc 2. Please note that a chapter can’t be divided.

Split Disc Guide

Follow the steps below to start splitting a DVD.

Step 1. Startup CloneDVD

Startup CloneDVD, the main interface will show up.

Step 2. Load the DVD

Insert the DVD-9 into the DVD drive.

Step 3. Do all the settings

Select “Split disc” mode. Set the target and DVD capacity. You will see “Disc #1” and “Disc #2” in “DVD Content” bar.

Step 4. Start to Split

After all the settings finishes, click “Start”  button to begin splitting DVD.

Step 5. Start Burning Process

When the splitting process is complete, eject the original DVD, and insert a blank disc. CloneDVD will begin to burn. After Disc #1 burning finishes, follow the prompt to sequentially insert another disc to burn Disc #2.

When you play the copies on a home DVD player, you will only see the features and menu selection on disc 1. After finishes disc 1, insert the disc 2, fast forward several chapters, play the rest movie from the splitted place.