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Facts About Anti-Copy Protection and DVD Recording

Most DVD movies have copyright protection which means normal dvd burner software can’t make bakup copies or record of those dvd movies.

However, here at ““, we’ve researched and made the best dvd copy software available and these products can copy CSS copy protected DVD movies and Sony DADC ARccOS protected DVD movies.

Many consumers aren’t aware that copying their DVDs is perfectly legal–if the intended use is simply as a backup. Although copying with intent to distribute or sell is illegal. Considering the number of DVDs in your home, and how often they are watched. If you’ve paid as much as $50 or $60 for a season of your favorite TV program, for example, it only makes sense to have a backup copy should the original disc become scratched or rendered unreadable by your DVD player.

In order to do any of these things, however, you need to have the right DVD copy software. To professionals or those who want to copy many DVDs, a high-powered program suit (e.g. DVD X PowerPack I, DVD X PowerPack II) might be best. To those with more amateur intentions, on the other hand, a versatile and general program (e.g. CloneDVD might end up being more cost-effective.

The best is the one suite you the best!