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Format of DVD Recorder

Pioneer DVD-R/RW was developed in Japan, and certified by DVD Forum (the current standard DVD format, mainly to determine the organization) DVD recording technologies. DVD-R full-called DVD-Recordable (recordable type DVD), as distinguished from DVD + R, which is defined as once Write DVD (write once type DVD). The full name of DVD-RW DVD-ReWritable (rewritable type DVD), as distinguished from DVD + RW, is defined as the Re-recordable DVD (Re-Recordable DVD). DVD-R format, the current market price of the disc due to different brands, packaging, different price from two yuan to 10 yuan, whereas the DVD-RW rewritable disc prices were mostly around 20 yuan. (DVD copy)

DVD + R / RW by Sony, Philips, Hewlett-Packard co-founder of the DVD + RW Alliance organizations (as distinguished from the above-mentioned DVD Forum, is to compete with other DVD standards development organization) developed. In order to differentiate with DVD-R/RW, DVD + R is called DVD Recordable (recordable type DVD), DVD + RW is known as DVD ReWritable (rewritable type DVD). DVD + R / RW DVD-R/RW with just a different format, so prices are not much. (Clone DVD to Mobile)

DVD + /-R DL is relative to the ordinary single-sided double-layer 4.7G for recording (DVD + /-Recordable Double layer), with two storage layer, compared to ordinary single-layer recording disk storage expanded to the 8.5G, but because of technical problems, few manufacturers produce such discs, the more common market only Mitsubishi produced disc, unit price is also around 60 yuan.

Less common in the domestic market and the DVD-RAM disc full name of DVD-Random Access Memory (DVD random access memory), by Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba (the MHT) development, known as Re-Writable DVD (rewritable Type DVD), and the general difference is that the CD-ROM DVD-RAM disks do not need to entertained (CD-ROM disc tray outside a), the same can be used as the hard disk. DVD-RAM to market located in the areas of professional applications (mainly for Da-capacity video Wenjian Decun Chu, Bei Ren Wei is a video alternatives), the Chang Shang Sheng Changai Leixing few discs, so price is also very good with current only in Japan and the U.S. is more popular. We have reported before the Beijing market price reached the kind of disc 88. (Clone DVD to Black Berry)

Currently DVD + /-R has now reached the limits of this format to support the speed 20X, DVD + RW now reached 8X, DVD-RW compared to 6X, DVD + R DL maximum is 8X, DVD-R DL up to 6X, Regular We see the discs in the market marked with 4X, 8X, 20X and so forth is the disc’s recording speed, the speed of the disc in general the higher the price the more expensive, but tend to burn high speed affect Kepan quality. When we burn the actual order to ensure the stability and content of the recording complete, will reduce the speed to burn. Because the DVD burning CD burning faster than improve the lot of the market in the DVD recorder function of the highest recording speed of 20 speed, for 2 to 4x recording speed per second data transfer capacity of 2.76M ~ 5.52MB, burning a Zhang 4.7GB of DVD discs takes about 15 to 27 minutes; and 8-speed recording need only 7-8 minutes, just burn a CD-R than the speed a little slower, but considering the amount of data to burn , faster DVD burner drive is clearly an advantage. (DVD Clone)