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Free Download Must-Have Halloween Games on iPhone

With Halloween right around the corner, what’s your plan for the Halloween celebration? For the iPhone fans who just bought the new iPhone 5, playing Halloween scary games alone or challenging with friends is a good idea. Which is the best game on iPhone for Halloween? Here we list top 10 must-have Halloween games for iPhone users!

No.1 Plants vs Zombies (PopCap)

Protect your home from PopCap’s onrushing hordes of zombified pole-vaulters, bucketheads, and disco dancers, by strategically planting undead-mashing flora. Supplies are limited, of course, so seeing off those pesky phantoms won’t be quite as straightforward as first thought.


No.2 Zombie Attack! (IUGO)

Substituting cannons and flame throwers for PopCap’s sunflowers and cacti, IUGO’s polished tower defence game taps into the more traditional motifs of zombie lore, namely an apocalypse, a lone survivor, and a worryingly isolated shack.

As to be expected, you’re targeted from the off by wave after wave of flesh eaters, desperate for that newly purchased MacBook Air inside your cabin and, oh, some blood.

To erect your turrets on the battlefield, move the last-man-standing via the iPhone’s accelerometer and tap on the screen for your weapon of choice. Carefully place your plucky hero right next to the field gun and inflict even greater damage on the evil dead.


No.3 Angry Birds Halloween (Rovio Entertainment Ltd.)

Rovio’s disgruntled fliers return in this Halloween-flavoured edition to exact revenge on those thieving swine once more. Featuring the same menagerie of aggravated avian as the monstrously successful original, Angry Birds Halloween rewards precision catapulting in this physics-based puzzling phenomenon.


No. 4 Hallowen Nightware (Casual Friday Games)

Should matching three objects prove too insubstantial for your liking, Casual Friday Games’s smooth and responsive offering ups the puzzling ante by a great big factor of one.

The aim of the game is to complete four block squares of identical colour by tilting your handset in the appropriate direction. Simple, huh?

Well, no, because a host of spooky enemies, not unsurprisingly, have it in for your fragile tetragon, and will seek, destroy, or inconveniently implode given half an opportunity.


No. 5 Alive 4- ever (Meridian)

Top-down shooting on iOS doesn’t get much better than this, the first of Meridian’s twin-stick zombie blasters.

And as ever, the origins of the deadly virus that has infected the majority of the town’s inhabitants in Alive 4-everare are unknown. You, therefore, face a harrowing choice: rescue the last remaining survivors from the lurching legion or save yourself.

In Alive 4-ever you’re equipped with 16 different weapons with which to eviscerate the unruly mob across 30 varied missions, accumulating experience points for good measure and vaccines for good karma.


No. 6 Pro Zombie Soccer (Chillingo)

Concocted by the modestly named Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team, Pro Zombie Soccer swaps goals for ghouls, combining corpses, comics, and combos for lethal shooting of the footballing kind.

While it often felt like the England 2010 World Cup team resembled a pack of living dead during the summer, the staggering masses on pitch in Chillingo’s violently satisfying story are real ghostly phenoms.

If the art style and mechanics seem reminiscent of the #1 game on this list, Plants vs Zombies, that’s no coincidence, for the developer had a hand in the creation of PopCap’s TD titan.