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Google Android 5.0 Disclosure of the three security features


A sweet lollipop, plus tough Kevlar packaging. This is used when Google introduced a new version of Android 5.0 (codenamed lollipop) of the new security features rhetoric.

Middle of this month is the release of Android 5.0 Android largest in the history of the last update. The new version of Android has many attractive features, such as Material Design design language, improve battery energy efficiency and operational efficiency, providing multi-user support, and Google subsequently released a developer toolkit. In contrast, though less conspicuous security, but security incidents in recent years, frequent enough to raise concerns about its security must be improved. Overall, in terms of security, Android uses a mechanism to run counter to its open – closed. Google’s chief safety engineer on the official blog focuses on the three new security features of the new version of Android.

Lock screen operation easier and more powerful

Lost and stolen is the biggest security problem faced by smartphone users. And to ensure that the mobile phone and data security is undoubtedly the easiest way to lock screen. In 5.0, Android launched a more powerful operating easier Smart Lock Lock screen. This lock screen technology allows users to use Bluetooth pairing, NFC even their own smile to unlock, you can also allow specific announcements appear on the lock screen, so you can conveniently get the information you need while protecting your phone.

Users can use any device with Android 5.0 phone over Bluetooth or NFC pairing to unlock it. But it also has its own intelligent detection mechanism, if you just happen to be close to the shops of the past have used NFC payment terminals, it will not unlock.

The smile belongs to unlock the brush Face Unlock, Google have also been improved, it will continue to analyze the image for the user, once the system detects that the user is not I, it will lock the screen.

Encryption as the default option

In the new version of Android, the encryption becomes the default option. This unique key encryption mechanism will start when the new phone for the first time on the use of binding equipment and external inaccessible to all data on the device is encrypted. Google said that three years ago, the introduction of technology is the most secure way to encrypt the device, and is enabled by default to avoid trouble or because many users do not understand the settings cause a security risk, but when you upgrade your old phone or to open the options themselves.

Forced use of SELinux mode

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a United States National Security Agency developed a kind of based on the principle of least privilege Linux security subsystem for Android brings more underlying security on the basis of the application sandbox and can make auditing and monitoring simpler, thereby reducing the space for the attack. Google said last year since the introduction of SELinux has blocked a number of vulnerabilities.

But this will give ordinary users Brush brought no small trouble, because of security restrictions, the past can be done by Root update patch will not work, you need to manually brush into a modified version of the kernel for the job.

Android 5.0 is expected to be November 9th to the consumer, then we can experience the above safety function.