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HDCP Copy Protection Cracked?

A tweet may possibly be the undoing using the so much uncracked HDCP duplicate protection, utilized within your HDMI interface, which consists of for Blu-ray. somebody has posted to Twitter the HDCP master key, or no much lower than allegedly the master key, and if true, it signifies that HDCP getting a type of DRM has just appear to be useless.

The master important would permit new supply and sink keys for getting created, in effect, fooling the plan into thinking about that an illegitimate equipment is in reality a legitimate device, therefore rendering the whole plan much less beneficial than DVD’s CSS duplicate protection.

The only method to solve this problems can be to concern new master keys, but this would render numerous HDCP capable products useless if they can’t be upgraded by employing firmware.

There’s no term on who the mysterious hacker is, nor whether or not the important is even real, however it just goes to show that there is no this type of concern getting a hack-proof DRM scheme, and if HDCP isn’t cracked today, it could be one day.