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How to Convert ASF files to MP4 for iPod?

Here we will introduce how to convert your desired ASF files to MP4 format for your iPod step by step:

Step 1:  After launching iPod Video Converter, select “Video” on the left of main screen into Video Mode.

Add: Click to add your desired ASF files from your local hard disc.

Delete: Click to delete the unneeded ASF files from the converted list.

Note: In the playlist screen, you can find the detailed info of the source files such as name, format, media time and status.

Step 2: Select output format.


Mini-display Windows: Playback or stop playing the files in the converting list.

My Devices:  6 iPod devices selectable: iPod Classic, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod Classic for TV, iPod nano for TV, iPod touch for TV. Here take iPod Classic as example.


Output Format: Select your desired output format, MP4-MPEG4 and AVI-XVID for your choice.


Setting: Make some video output settings as you like.


Step 3: Select Output path.


Browse:  Click to specify the target location.

Location: Click to access the target location directly.

Step 4: Click “Convert” to start converting process.


You can see the converting progress. Click Stop to cease the converting.