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How to Copy and Backup Life of Pi DVD Movie to ISO Image

Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee, revolves around a 16-year old Indian boy named Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel, who survives a shipwreck in which his family dies, and is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Upon release, Life of Pi became a critical and commercial success, earning over $600 million worldwide. At the 85th Academy Awards it had eleven nominations, including Best Picture, and won four (the most for the evening) including Best Director for Ang Lee. It was also nominated for three Golden Globe Awards which included the Best Picture – Drama and the Best Director and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

Life of Pi 1

Sometimes a film comes along that is not only entertaining but illuminating beyond the expectations of the viewer; such is the case with Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, which takes us on a fantastical journey but also leaves us with profound and lasting impressions about our place in the universe. The ending may also leave you with more questions than answers, but sometimes that is infinitely more satisfying than the majority of predictable movies out there. When you get to the twist ending, it is up to you to make a decision as to what to believe. To find the right choice is not hard at all, as long as you’re willing to take a leap of faith. Life of Pi should be seen on the movie screen to fully appreciate its majesty in 3-D, if you missed, to buy Life of Pi DVD to watch at home, and use DVD copying software to copy and backup the DVD movie in case of damage and loss. If you want to backup Life of Pi DVD movie, you can try our CloneDVD to copy DVD to ISO image for backup.

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What is ISO Image

An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image composed of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. Copying DVD to ISO image would be the best and most convenient way for one who wants to backup his or her favorite collected DVD movies because it never loss date and also can be easily written to DVD disc again.

How to Copy and Backup Life of Pi DVD Movie to ISO Image

Before you can copy and backup Life of Pi DVD movie to ISO image, you should download and install a DVD copying software. CloneDVD is a powerful DVD copy software allowing you to copy and backup Life of Pi DVD movie to ISO image by several clicks. Following simple steps below, effortlessly to copy Life of Pi DVD movie to ISO Image. Besides, CloneDVD is able to access to all region codes and copy protection systems. You can use it to rip any DVD movie for backup as you wish.


Operation Steps:

  1. Download and install CloneDVD, run and insert Life of Pi DVD movie on your PC. CloneDVD will automatically recognize the DVD
  2. Target: Specify Target as DVD Writer or Hard Drive
  3. Copy as: Specify target format as ISO Image
  4. Click ‘Start’ to start copying Life of Pi DVD movie to ISO image.