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How to Copy DVD to Hard Disk?

There is no doubt that DVD can be played on DVD player, but it is impossible to carry along your DVD player with you when you are on a trip. Want to copy some DVDs movies to your computer and enjoy them conveniently? Or just make copies of DVD contents to avoid damage, loss and theft. Then here comes the question: how to copy DVD to hard disk?

What you need is DVD copy software. DVD copy software is designed to duplicate the content of a DVD and copy DVD to hard disk, blank DVD or other devices. The purpose of copying DVD is to prevent the original DVD been stolen, physically damaged or ruined and make playback easier.

Enlarge DVD collection

Hard disk is large enough to save as many as DVD contents. Newer computer is usually equipped with a 500+ GB hard disk. With such a large hard disk, you can enlarge your DVD collection without piling up a lot of DVD discs. Copying DVD to hard disk with DVD copy software, you will get 100% original DVD image and sound quality.

Remove copy protection to make playback easier

To stop privacy, DVDs are produced with copyright protections or restrictions. DVD copy software like CloneDVD will automatically remove those copy protections such as CSS, RCE, RPC, region code, CPPM, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, etc. After removing those protections, you can easily play the digital files with many media players.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download and install CloneDVD on Windows operation system computer.
Step 2: Insert the DVD into DVD-ROM, the program will automatically load the DVD disc.
Step 3.1: Choose “copy DVD as DVD Image (ISO)” and specify ISO image file size.

copy DVD to hard disk - ISO

Step 3.2: Or you can choose “copy DVD as Movie File” and choose a format.

copy DVD to hard disk - Movie File

Step 4: Choose a copy mode according to your need and specify a target to save file.
Step 5: Start to copy DVD to hard disk.

After the process has been finished, you will have all of the DVD files, which are stored in the folder that you designated.