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How to Get More Votes to Win More Free Software?

Have you participated CloneDVD’s The Most Classic Movie Competition? Want to get more votes to win some more free software? There are many ways that you can share the news with your friends and let them vote for you.

By Facebook

  • 1. Copy the URL of your submitted movie.
  • copy the URL

  • 2. Paste the URL on Facebook, write a comment and post.
  • share on Facebook

  • 3. Create an event and invite your friends to vote for you.
  • creat an event on Facebook

By Twitter

Push the link and text on Twitter to let your friends know it and vote for you.

push on Twiiter

By E-mail

Forward the e-mail to inform your friends that you have participated the competition and ask them to vote.

Other Ways

You probably have many other social accesses. Just make it exposed, thus you can get more votes.

In which way to get votes is up to you. Lots of freebies are waiting for you: DVD copy software, DVD decrypter, DVD converters, video converter, mobile tools and more. Hurry up!