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How to intercept video clips

This problem seems simple, but very complex, because this involves a lot of screen format. At the same time, you should also consider “truncated” is what part of the video, advertising, beginning, middle, end, or “reserve” a video (for example, highlights reservations). Different software support different video formats, different fragments of the interception. For example:

Adobe Premiere can  clip many video format file, and maitain original quality, however, it doesn’t support RM and RMVB video, and it take too much time.
Windows Movie Maker is good at cliping WMV video files, but it have the same drawbacks as Adobe Premiere do.

There are other softwares, but the all have too much limitations.

If you don’t want to install a pile of software in you PC to do video clip thing, I recommand you try Video X Converter, it support almost all video format, and it can clip fast and maitain very good quality.

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