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How to place the 5.1 speaker

5.1 audio processing is the more perfect sound solution to meet the computer games and audio-visual aspects of the super-family requirements, the traditional two-channel audio also be out of high sound stage. To maximize the capacity of multiple-channel, must have a clear understanding of how to configure and use the entire system. (Video Converter download free)

5.1-channel pre-recorded and the game is divided into two types. Pre-recording has been widely used in various types of traditional theater and home theater, recording the voices of some of the more well-known compression formats such as Dolby AC-3 (Audio Coding 3, the third generation of audio coding), DTS 5.1 sound system are all in order to technology blueprints of. 5.1 with the left (L), in (C), Right (R), left posterior (LS), right after the (RS) five directions, the output sound, gives rise to the feeling as if left its concert hall. The five-channel independent of each other, which “.1″ channel, it is a specially designed subwoofer channel, the channel can generate frequency response range of 20 ~ 120Hz subwoofer. In fact, from 4.1 surround sound system 5.1, the difference is that it increases a unit in the home. The home unit for transmission of voice signals below 80Hz, in appreciation of movies will help strengthen the human voice, the dialogue focused on the middle of the sound field to increase the overall effect. (iPod Video Converter)

DVD movies in addition to the video image quality in higher regard than a lot of VCD, more importantly, to reproduce the original sound field. To the sound field effect of the film shown, are the two speakers will not be able to achieve, at least four speakers make up most of the basic requirements of a sound field, six-channel speaker group’s overall performance in the whole range will be better. Because this application involves the combination of visual and auditory scene for the presentation of video Alto market demand will be high, if not a multi-channel speaker set with the film plays out the sound field will be the accuracy and authenticity of be questioned. (PSP Video Converter)

Games 5.1 3D positioning is mainly from the effect of the sound field of view, the traditional 3D positional audio effects for the front, left and right sound positioning is clear, but in the back, and with a high degree of sound, it may be because each person feelings differ, which for 3D games is undoubtedly a rather unfavorable factors, because in the game only to see the front sight, the dynamic position for the other must rely on sound to master, if the speaker replaced by four-channel or more than one product, then the problem can be solved. (PSP Converter free download)

The correct sound card and speakers sound field need to work together in the first half of 1999 there have been some claims to support 4-channel sound card, but only after the measurement, it is the original copy of the second channel signal becomes rear two-channel, way, of course the voices of front and rear are the same, not really a four-channel. Only use genuine support 5.1 sound card and speakers, and to maintain the angle, height, distance around, the accuracy of channel connect to truly restore the sound. (3GP Converter / Video to 3GP)

5.1 system, the birth, proclaimed before, such as APX, Spatializer 3D, Q-SOUND, Virtaul Dolby, Ymersion, A3D end technologies, it reached a true 3D surround sound. In general, the realization of the game 5.1, only 5.1 sound card and speakers, to be 5.1 video playback, but also add a Dolby decoder. (3GP Converter / DVD to 3GP / Video to 3GP Converter)

Note that, Dolby Digital (Dolby Digital Audio) is not all 5.1 channels, it is the general term for digital recording, broken down into:

1, DDM, the Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital mono audio;

2, DDS, the Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital two-channel audio;

3, DDS, is Dobly Digital Surround, Dolby Digital surround sound, dual-channel memory, single-channel surround sound, a total of five channels;

4, Dolby Digital 4.0, Dolby Digital surround sound is 4.0, four-channel storage, surround sound recording for the independent single-channel, five channel;

5, Dolby Digital 5.0, Dolby Digital surround sound is 5.0, five-channel storage, rear independent double-channel surround sound, a total of five channels;

6, Dolby Digital 5.1, or Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, six-channel memory, dual-channel surround sound is an independent, six-channel;

DTS, or Digital Theater System, Digital Theater System, it uses different with AC-3 surround sound compression technology will be saved to DVD, playback must use a special system can be hidden in the DVD release of the 5.1 channel. Dolby Digital 5.1 DTS with the greatest difference is between the use of different “Algorithm”, Dolby Digital 5.1 to the weight of less the same information, takes up minimal space. DTS does not intentionally pursue the highest compression ratio, and therefore have the opportunity to save more information, if handled properly, can provide superior performance Dolby force. (Blackberry video converter / Video to Blackberry)

DVD sound in storage, in addition to Dolby Digital and DTS digital surround sound, as well as in Europe MPEG 2, SONY development SDDS, or high-quality digital stereo PCM-based format, but mainly use DVD Dolby Digital and DTS to record sound, to create a rich surround effect.

Maybe you also heard of THX, which is the U.S. director George. Lucas raised the standard in cinemas, its purpose is to enhance the sound playback quality movie theater, the audience can fully feel the director is trying to convey. Therefore, it is cinema’s space and all the audio equipment has a very strict rules, even when playing the brightness of the screen are certain requirements, and movie theaters in THX licenses issued after the re-examination must also be accepted once every six months so that the aging equipment substandard. THX specification was later extended to the family from the movie theater with the equipment, and movie theaters have the same stringent specifications, there are already many manufacturers meet the THX standards for audio-visual equipment. THX specifications set entirely composed of AV equipment system should be able to achieve the following results: full band treble and bass, smooth sound more natural, at least in hearing range of bass distortion, clearer vocal orientation. (Blackberry converter freeware)

THX-certified equipment can get very expensive, and mostly had to with Hi-End audio equipment to play the e ffect, so usually results THX home theater system, most expensive.

After the speakers more, is not messy to put into the computer next to a can. To highlight the effect of 5.1, the location of each speaker, there are stringent requirements. PC system services to individuals, can not be absolutely the same way by home theater speakers to place, but there is still a simple rule: put in the high treble speakers, bass speakers placed in the lower.

Front of the speakers lined up way to display the face of the listener, were placed around a speaker, the center speaker on the monitor or monitors in front of the top of the desktop. Front speakers and center speaker in same height as far as possible, but the front three speakers should be in the same plane, or the center speaker a little bit backwards, but the positive should be parallel with the front speakers in the front. Around the two front speakers distance between the location of the listener, in the normal viewing position, the speaker with the listener’s point of view of 45 degrees. (iPhone Video Converter)

Speakers placed around the listener’s right and left sides, the two speakers face to face towards the listener, the distance between two speakers with the same listener, and the two speakers placed above the listener sitting position above the head 60 to 90 cm. The second program is the listener hanging on the wall behind the speakers, surround speakers towards the front or face to face.

Human directional stress is not sensitive to the placement of the subwoofer speaker more freely. However, the low frequency range of computer speakers is not really that low, or on the ground in front of better listener. Resonance occurs if the bass speaker, which means that after a large volume of abnormal vibration of the sound, you can install the pad for it, or bass speakers placed above the books and other heavy objects to eliminate resonance. (iPhone Converter download free)