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Convert DVD Movies to an iPod on Windows

Many people would ask these questions:

* How do I put DVD movies on my iPod?
* What video format does an iPod support?
* How to rip DVDs to my iPod?

An iPod supports MP4 video with 320*240 resolution. You can’t directly put DVD movies on an iPod because an iPod neither has a DVD drive on nor supports MPEG-2 format. This article will show you how to put DVD on iPod using Aviosoft DVD to iPod Converter, a professional tool for iPod video.

The Goal

Take whatever DVD source you want to use and rip it to MP4 (320*240) video that is supported by an iPod.

how to put dvd to ipod

1. Load DVD movie

Download DVD to iPod Converter, install and run it on Windows. Insert the disc into the DVD drive. The converter will auto load the disc, and display all the information including video size, video quality, audio, subtitle, titles, etc.

2. Convert DVD to iPod

2.1. Set output format.
Click setting to choose a resolution. Here, we choose “High Quality (320×240)”. You can also customize the video.

2.2. Choose a conversion mode.
There are 4 conversion modes available, select your desired one.

2.3. Start conversion.
Start DVD to iPod conversion by clicking the “Start” button on the right bottom corner.

Tips: If you just want to rip a chapter, just choose the “Customize” mode and uncheck other titles.

3. Put DVD on iPod

After the conversion finishes, you will get a file that is ready to be played on iPod. But do you know how to put DVD on iPod? Here is the way:

3.1. Click open after the conversion finishes.
3.2. Find the file in the destination folder and transfer it to iTunes.

Finally, you can enjoy the DVD movie on your iPod freely. If you want to learn more, please visit: DVD to iPod Converter.