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Free Tip to Play DVD and Types of Media on Your PSP

If you are looking for an easy to play and watch DVDs on your PSP, then you come to the right place. Here, in this article I will show you the free tip that people have been using to turn their PSP into a computer which is capable of playing types of videos and audio.

PS3 doesn’t include a DVD player; you can’t do much else with it besides play games. However, things change once you play some tricks to take advantage of its every single ability that you can normally do on a computer. It sounds interesting and complicated. But it is pretty easy when you use the right software to make it done. The only problem is to learn how to rip DVD to PSP.

There are many sites offers software which transfer media for PS3. So you should pay much attention when you are looking for it. Maybe it contains virus, adware, spyware which will cause collapse on your computer. Some don’t even work at all. You should download those have good reviews and track records.

Which is the best one?

CloneDVD is really the only one I would recommend because of its good reputation and ease of use. Many users have been using it to a great success. Once you download and run it, you can easily rip DVD to PSP video and convert DVD to MP3, AAC audio which are compatible with PS3.

Visit or check out the download link here and get started. Find the right model or exact file format from the Output Format drop down list. With a few minutes, you will get PS3 playable movies and music. Transfer them to the Memory Stick Pro, and then you can enjoy media on the amazing game console anytime.