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How to select DVD Capacity option in CloneDVD6

As a technical supporter sometimes asked by customers“How to select “DVD Capacity” option in CloneDVD6?”  I think we need to accurately answer this question we should be divided into four parts.

Part A. What is DVD 5 and what is DVD 9

Part B. Comparison of DVD5 and DVD9

Part C. How to select “DVD Capacity” option in CloneDVD6

Part A

What is DVD 5?

DVD – 5 short for  D5, namely  Single side disc (SS – SL or Single Side Single Layer), the maximum capacity of 4.7 G CD only one Side, and only a Layer of D5 disc with data can satisfy a 100 – minute film with dolby digital surround sound system, and two kinds of text captions

What is DVD 9?

DVD – 9 for short D9 (also is short for D9: all things digital conference), that is double sided data CDS, the maximum capacity of 8.5 G films on the release of the D9 disc is DTS audio or an LPCM lossless audio video, or is more than 100 minutes long

Comparison of DVD5 and DVD9

DVD adopt MPEG2 format VBR compression image, it is a dynamic variable data flow compression, range from 1 M to 9.8 M, the largest data flow can reach a total of 10.8 M, it with past VCD has big difference between VCD using CBR scheme, the data flow is fixed, per disc storage film length is fixed; And DVD storage film length can be change, the data flow using small, time is relatively longer, contrary data stream is large, depositing film length is short this is also the main cause of a DVD9 quality is higher than DVD5

Now, a DVD9 is better than that of DVD5 mainly for the following points:

1. A large capacity and high picture quality. also a DVD9′s capacity is almost a DVD5 capacity twice, for the same length of the film, a DVD9 large data flow compression can be used, to ensure the quality of the images, and DVD5 in order to hold the film, you can only reduce the data stream, sacrifice the quality of the images in general, DVD5 can store 100 minutes of the film, the image quality can be guaranteed, while DVD standard is 133 minutes, but it also depends on the quality of the original material, and store 133 minutes of quality sometimes just not up to the standard of the DVD. DVD9 capacity, large capacity, the data flow can be increased, and the make up for the inadequacy of the original material, give you a real DVD

2. Advanced technology, copyright protection. A DVD9 no matter from production or on the production side, technical content is quite high. DVD5 production technology is mature, piracy in the market at present, the vast majority are DVD5 and make a DVD9′s complexity is much higher than DVD5, throughout the process of each step and the option can’t appear error, for now, DVD9 detection is a major problem, now the DVD – R to burn a DVD5, a DVD9 temporarily haven’t way to burn, so the detection of relatively cumbersome, time to be a little more than a DVD9 with pressure plate engraving technology at present domestic has not been perfect, only a few manufacturers can produce DVD5 manufacturers relatively much more

3. Content rich content, DVD5 content is single, have not reached many of the functions. DVD9 added some real DVD features, including a series of functions such as language subtitles more angles, let consumer can truly realize the advantages of DVDs

4, High qualities. Overall quality DVD9 is higher than DVD5. DVD9 using gold as a reflector, is gold in appearance, but DVD5 is silver


How to select “DVD Capacity” option in CloneDVD6

In case we can see select copy as DVD 5 or copy as DVD 9 will determine the quality of the burn out. But this is not to say that the DVD 5 quality is not good, we just according to our need to make corresponding adjustment. This is also our CloneDVD 6 more humanization characteristics.

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