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In order to contend with Apple, Samsung is also quite the fight, take a look at Samsung Developers Conference have released what


Second Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco, has just concluded, this session focused on health applications, smart home, virtual reality and wearable devices these four aspects. Samsung’s new action and what that does? According Recode news, Project Beyond the edge of a spherical distribution equipment installed in 16 high-definition cameras that can shoot 3D panoramic photos, and splicing together the captured images to provide real-time live video, sent to the Samsung’s latest virtual reality glasses Gear VR .

Currently, Samsung has not yet revealed the 3D virtual reality panorama camera specific time to market. However, the good news is that Samsung will launch Gear VR has been determined in early December. Samsung Developers Conference in Digital Health launched a software development kit that can monitor and collect information about the human body and for health management. Samsung has been on the algorithms, devices and sensors are optimized, and the establishment of cooperation with Nike, Aetna, Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.

This year the WWDC, integrated in iOS 8 in HealthKit is undoubtedly one of the highlights, Apple used it painted a very bright future health scenarios: there will be many thousands of third-party health and health care software applications, medical equipment in the collection user health data, while Apple attempts to health data from different sources to integrate, in a uniform manner presented to the user, but also to help health workers to use these data to better monitor the patient’s condition to improve the diagnosis and treatment decisions quality. Now this scenario would actually landed. Currently, there are many applications and hardware devices have access Healthkit. Reuters said that within the next few weeks, Stanford University and Duke University will put Apple HealthKit used in clinical trials.

Health field finished, naturally intelligent hardware to another branch of smart home. August this year, Samsung 200 million dollars acquisition Smartthings. The conference, Samsung also showcased SmartThings home automation platform. Users can monitor Samsung’s smart appliances on their mobile phone via SmartThings application. Currently SmartThings has supported more than 1,000 devices on its platform has also been more than 8,000 applications.

SmartThings’s CEO Alex Hawkinson confidently describes a Samsung smart home territory, “Looking to the future, each Samsung device will connect to SmartThings platform, Samsung is a big step into the future.”