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Internet Piracy

Internet piracy is a growing concern among software development companies. There are many different kinds of internet piracy, and  software is the first one product sold illegally online. There are many examples  that the buyer does not even know that they are purchasing an illegal copy of software, as  the websites misleading consumers to believe they are buying  legitimate product.

Internet piracy is any use of the internet to sell, distribute, or even adversise software that has been pirated. One of the reasons it is such a big problem is because it is so easy to do. The internet can be access by anyone, and it is quite easy  to set up a website that may appear legitimate. It is often extremely hard  for users to tell the difference between a well developed website that is not a real business .

Since it is so easy to do, and it is making those who are doing it a lot of money, internet piracy has grown significantly in the past few years. Auction sites and other websites with pirated software for sale are  all over. There are some estimates  say that there are millions of illegitimate sites out there. Another concern is that these sites will often take consumers money and then never deliver the product.

The best way to protect yourself against internet piracy is to educate yourself and to be aware. You should always be cautious when your are purchasing software on the internet. Make sure  before making a purchase, and always check to make sure you can verify the legitimacy of the website or the company you are purchasing from.