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It is rumored that 5.5 -inch iPhone will be named “iPhone 6L


According to Taiwan’s apple daily exposure, 5.5 -inch iPhone will be named the iPhone 6 L (L = Large?)Exposure, at the same time there is a series of new iPhone photo. Is 4.7 inches above the left side of the front panel of the iPhone, is 5.5 inch version on the right side, but due to the problem, we can’t make intuitive comparison of the difference of the two phones from the two picture.

According to the content of the exposure, “the iPhone 6 l” will be equipped with 2915 milliampere batteries, and 4.7 inches “iPhone 6″ battery capacity is 1810 ma, were greater than the iPhone 5 s 1560 ma. But it is unclear whether a larger battery capacity means longer battery life, because of the big screen and more powerful chips may consumes more electricity.

In addition to the above characteristics, the new iPhone will be thinner and more round edge design, equipped with sapphire crystal screen and A8 faster chips, exposure images can also be seen from the flash memory using the Toshiba products.

There is currently no completely confirmed that these rumors are only when apple conference final to come.