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Say good iTunes and Beats in integrating Music streaming, finally coming

In August last year, apple has completed acquisition of Beats, Beats co-founder Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre joined the apple, and Beats head of streaming Music Ian Rogers, who at the helm of apple...
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The first full use iPhone film, is the story about the LGBT community

Last week we mentioned the sundance film festival puts glorious greatly VR movies, then have a stunning works four: the Tangerine (orange), all scenes are by the iPhone 5 s made into a film.Beside...
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Real meaning generation Windows Embedded: up and down about 10 “native” Windows

As early as the BUILD conference last year, Joe Belfiore on a massive “stamped on the piano” brief demonstrated “Windows on Device” (also known as Windows for IoT).But toda...
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MOTOROLA’s return to China, release Moto X/X Pro / 3 G mobile phone, carrying almost the origi

Two years of sight, are you ok?In August 2011, Google announced the acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility, the inventor of the mobile phone is then gradually out of the mainland smartphone market and c...
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12 inch MacBook Air to thin body, can only keep a USB – C interface

9 to5mac reported, apple released this year’s new 12 inch MacBook Air, may remove a full-size USB interface, MagSafe power interface, Thunderbolt display interface and SD card reader, and co...
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HTC officially released Windows Phone Version HTC One (M8)

HTC joint Verizon officially released with Windows Phone 8.1 Update system HTC One (M8) .According to foreign media WPCentral revealed the news said earlier this month (and final), the phone: Pic...
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Apple’s smart watch will also adopt the sapphire screen

According to the Wall Street journal, apple’s forthcoming intelligent smart watch may also have the same sapphire screen as iPhone 6. Sapphire glass scratch resistant abrasion resistance and...
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Samsung virtual reality equipment Project Moonlight is coming

According to TheVerge, Samsung will release a virtual reality head-mounted display device Project Moonlight at the consumer electronics show in Berlin in Germany on September 3, the principle is s...
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The PlayStation 4 sold more than 10 million

SONY today announced on Gamescom fair game, as to August 10, PlayStation 4 global sales hit the 10 million mark has become a SONY history “the fastest sales, sales is the most fierce” ...
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Blackberry Announced the Voice Assistant – BlackBerry Assistant

Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, Microsoft has Cortana, Blackberry said, I also want to have one. Today, the BlackBerry blog officially unveiled his voice Assistant BlackBerry Assistant. Bla...