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Microsoft introduced Microsoft Health health platform and publish Microsoft Band wristbands


In the other needs to be met more easily today, modern and more attention to their own health. Therefore, many Internet giants regarded eyeing this huge existing market. As Apple has healthkit, Google has Google Fit. After the former giant Microsoft naturally unwilling people, today officially announced the launch of a named Microsoft Health health and fitness cloud services platform, also announced its own smart wristband Microsoft Band.

Microsoft’s official blog, wearable technology and smart sensors combined with rapid innovation brings a wealth of health and fitness data, they realized that the use of cloud services can be wearable health and fitness equipment and services related to integrate data become more valuable things.


With Apple, Google is similar to the practice of Microsoft Health cloud services platform is for consumers and industry to store and integrate health and fitness data.


Consumers can access the Microsoft Health app via Microsoft Health, Microsoft also offers Android, iOS and Windows Phone Edition total downloads.

The idea is for individual users, which come from different health and fitness equipment and services data (number of steps, calories, heart rate, etc.) to integrate, and then use Microsoft’s Intelligence Engine analyzes of these data. Which movement to give the most calories proposed recovery time recommendations Shu Mian analysis of sleep and anxiety and other than the exercise intensity based.

Microsoft also pointed out that through the schedule and e-mail messages and location information, etc. Combining these data with the Office, the intelligent engine can also be analyzed with respect to the work of health effects, whether eating breakfast helps to run faster, and whether the number of meetings affect the quality of sleep (o (╯ □ ╰) o) and the like.

As industry partners, Microsoft said Microsoft Health also provides them with many benefits. Including for start-ups and new entrants to provide facilities, including the entire app, API and cloud storage account. For existing monitoring health services, Microsoft is allowed to upload data to the Microsoft Health, with its intelligent engine to help analyze. Currently a partnership with Microsoft devices and services, including Jawbone UP, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. Future plans to offer the option to allow users to share data to healthcare providers Microsoft Health and HealthVault’s connection.

Another attraction is the smart wristband Microsoft released Microsoft Band. The wristbands have 10 kinds of sensors can monitor heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality and provide exercise guidance. In addition to the fitness effect, Microsoft Band also can receive calls, e-mail, text messaging and social networking updates, you can also access Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana. Wristband is priced at $ 199, in facing parts of the US sale.