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Most Popular Video Converter: CloneDVD Video Converter


One of the best ways to make sure you can play all of your TV shows and movies on any device, anywhere you go, are by making sure they’re all in the same format and have the same containers. This week, we want to know which application you turn to make sure your video is neatly converted and organized.

Ideally, if you can download or rip your media in a common format, you won’t have to worry about converting it, but if you’re stuck with formats and containers you’ve gotten elsewhere or from other apps over the years, it can help to get them all converted and organized to play on the most possible devices without having to transcode them on the fly.

CloneDVD Video Converter , the cross-platform, easy-to-use video ripping and encoding tool, took the top spot by a wide margin. Those of you who praised it noted it’s availability on multiple platforms, its ease of use and presets for quick conversions (as well as its more detailed options for advanced users), and its speed.

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If you’re getting your movie and TV show library in order, it helps to have all of your video in one format that you know every device you own can play without issue. However, if your collection spans years of downloads, rips, and saved copies, your files can be all over the place. Using the CloneDVD Video Converter  - best video conversion tools faithfully get your media library organized and ready to watch anytime, anywhere.