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YouTube test new features: the user can choose their seats to watch the video

On February 5th, YouTube launched a new test function: users can switch camera Angle in the process of video playback.This video from multiple perspectives only at the test stage, so far only one ...
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Adblock Plus there, Google, Microsoft and Amazon darling pay the toll

Adblock Plus is a German start-ups do one of the world’s most popular free advertising screen plug-in, currently in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and can be used on Android mobile phone, t...
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Faster and more clear than the GIF, capacity, smaller GIFV format, did you try?

Each time I see in the video segments of explosive are kept want to quickly capture, but it were too much trouble to download video, very not easy to make a GIF figure, virgo friends who think pix...
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Vine with Vine Kids, brings to the small basin of the friends 6 seconds short video fun

Vine is cool, anyone can share in 6 seconds a short film, animation, or breaking news.But there are various, the content of the “mental requirements” for children is quite high. Short,...
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The annual fee of $399 in Google Earth Pro is free now

American time on January 30, Google announced that its virtual Earth application in Google Earth Pro began opening to the outside world for free. Google Earth Pro is Google and development of a sa...
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Snapchat is launched Discover function: not only do content distribution, Snapchat will release orig

Previously reported 36 kr, Snapchat had planned to launch in November last year Discover media content delivery services, to users to push BuzzFeed, CNN, the daily mail, ESPN, hurst group (Cosmopo...
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Amazon Kindle personal book production tools ownexperience Creator, easily all the PDF into

According to VB, Amazon announced recently that they is about to start a new project – the Kindle ownexperience Creator, the purpose is to help the education institutions and the author give...
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About the release of Windows 10 tomorrow, all of the spoilers are here

On January 21, since the official Blog confirm Windows 10 product launch time and the main process, there are new details.10 in the conference will focus on the Windows mobile phone and tablet on ...
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Microsoft’s Android lock screen tools add music and instant communications support

Microsoft’s garage hatch Android Lock Screen application Next Lock Screen for update recently, strengthen the function of music and instant communication.The user can directly control music ...
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Pinterest announced its first commercial test the water project “Promoted pins” Niece re

Pinterest official blog announced its first commercial attempt – beta version Promoted Pins results, and said it would launch the official version in January 1. This year in May, Pinterest l...