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Amazon Kindle personal book production tools ownexperience Creator, easily all the PDF into

According to VB, Amazon announced recently that they is about to start a new project – the Kindle ownexperience Creator, the purpose is to help the education institutions and the author give...
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About the release of Windows 10 tomorrow, all of the spoilers are here

On January 21, since the official Blog confirm Windows 10 product launch time and the main process, there are new details.10 in the conference will focus on the Windows mobile phone and tablet on ...
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Microsoft’s Android lock screen tools add music and instant communications support

Microsoft’s garage hatch Android Lock Screen application Next Lock Screen for update recently, strengthen the function of music and instant communication.The user can directly control music ...
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12 inch MacBook Air to thin body, can only keep a USB – C interface

9 to5mac reported, apple released this year’s new 12 inch MacBook Air, may remove a full-size USB interface, MagSafe power interface, Thunderbolt display interface and SD card reader, and co...
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Pinterest announced its first commercial test the water project “Promoted pins” Niece re

Pinterest official blog announced its first commercial attempt – beta version Promoted Pins results, and said it would launch the official version in January 1. This year in May, Pinterest l...
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Google released the Nexus 6 and 9, the Nexus Android 5.0 code as Lollipop

Beijing time on October 16, in the morning with Google blog officially launched three new Nexus brand hardware products, including MOTOROLA OEM 6, HTC smartphone Nexus of tablet Nexus 9, asus Nexu...
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The iPhone 6 support one-handed operation mode

A lot of details about the iPhone 6 has been exposed. Larger, according to the New York times iPhone 6 will have one hand optional operation mode, in order to make the domestic mobile phone is eas...
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Amazon in Manhattan formally launched Prime Now, let your parcel “one-hour service.”

Last week, Amazon began testing in New York City, their one-hour delivery service, so the courier bike home delivery, the service named Amazon Prime Now. Yesterday, Amazon announced the official w...
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Google Street View + Virtual Reality: Using Google Cardboard swim in the world in VR

According theverge news, Google announced Google Cardboard VR equipment began to support Google Maps, users can use Google Street View in Google Cardboard tour virtual reality. This feature is the...
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Five years, Microsoft has finally do not give Chrome and FireFox browser advertise

In theory, Microsoft needs to provide the browser choice to March 2016, but Microsoft Browser Choice update occurs following the instructions on the page: “According to a decision of the Eur...