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Microsoft’s acquisition of cross-platform mobile development tool suite HockeyApp

Microsoft’s vice president in charge of the Ministry of Development in the official blog announced that the company has acquired mobile developer kit HockeyApp, whose entrepreneurial team wi...
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Adobe to $ 800 million in cash to acquire Gallery website Fotolia, will be integrated with the Creat

Adobe today announced fourth quarter and full year earnings surfaced together is it $ 800 million in cash to acquire Gallery site plan Fotolia, Fotolia since its creation in 2005, has been in 15 c...
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A carton of fantasy trip

Remember the sinking eggs this year GoogleI / O conference it? Compared with Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, virtual reality glasses Cardboard cartons is trivial. People think Google is ju...
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Pass next year to launch a new version of Google Glass will use Intel chips

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the next year to launch a new version of Google Glass will use Intel chips. According to the WSJ, citing people familiar with Intel chips will re...
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Russia’s Yota Phone 2 dual phone on sale in the UK today

Remember the APEC summit last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented to Chinese President Xi Jinping that the Department of the Russian brand of dual-screen smartphone Yota Phone 2 it? ...
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Google Christmas gift has come! Made with Code with your former White House Christmas tree lighting

In the past, you had imagined he could personally lit the White House Christmas tree in front of it? Even if you have done it, have you ever thought that the lights can design furnishings? Even if...
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Apple’s new patent: the air adjust the center of gravity to avoid broken iPhone screen

Apple this week won the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new patent entitled “Electronic equipment protection mechanisms”, this mechanism can detect the iPhone appears to drop t...
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Amazon to pay for the phone experiment, Fire Phone diving to $ 199

According to the show’s official website Amazon, Amazon’s first 3D smartphone Fire Phone prices again, which is now cracked version 32GB version is priced at $ 199 (about 1221 yuan). T...
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Microsoft Windows 10 consumer version will be released in January next year

Following the Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview in October to meet with you, Windows 10 version of the characteristics of consumers also announced in January, but not in early January’s...
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12.2 inches large screen iPad version will be available next year between April to June

According to Japanese magazine quoted macotakara January 2015 issue of Mac Fan news, Apple will probably be launched in April next year to June 12.2 inches screen, big-screen tablet computer iPad ...