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2K 5.9 inch screen, coded as Shamu, this may be the Google new flagship machine Nexus 6

For cell phones, Bigger than Bigger but the trend of The Times, the mobile phone is not time how not bashful to tell others? Samsung, new Galaxy Note released on September 4 have reached 5.7 inch,...
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Google X Vs Microsoft PPI: big screen Google goes left towards multiple screens

Compared to Microsoft’s acquisition into Office in September, and start mass production of PPI large touch screen, the Wall Street journal reported that Google X test product department are ...
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IOS 8 adoption rate updated to 47%, growing slower than previous generations

As of September 23, iOS 8 global adoption rate of 46%, apple now do to this latest mobile OS adoption data update – September 21 to October 5, 2 weeks, iOS adoption rate increased by 1%, and...
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Apple Pay finally came with the iOS 8.1

In September Apple new product release, officially launched its own near-field Apple Pay, Pay system with a NFC module + a security chip + Touch ID, connect the user and the merchants, expand the ...
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Nokia will reduce the number of platforms including Windows Phone HERE map, focus on Android and iOS

Nokia HERE department, senior vice President of Sean Fernback to The Next Web confirmed it would cut including Windows Phone and Nokia platform X development expenditure, focus on The research and...
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Google strengthen the control of Android producers, the new equipment will be pre-loaded with up to

According to DailyTech, according to a report from The Information, Google is mandatory oems to have more preinstalled Google application on Android devices. That is to say, want to continue to us...
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Microsoft Windows technology preview site temporarily named the next update “Windows TH”

According to The Verge, Microsoft Windows technology preview the website pages about The next system update project has been launched with the “Windows TH” as The title. More details about t...
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To upgrade the iOS 8 required huge storage space is huge

Update: if really clean out enough storage space it doesn’t matter, also through iTunes to upgrade. As our previous forecast, Beijing time at 1 am today, a 8 official version of the iOS upgr...
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Amazon released e-book reader Kindle Voyage, cheap version of the Kindle Fire HD and children’

Update: Amazon China website today also release booking page.Among them, the so-called “Kindle Voyage collection edition of set limit to” reservation price of 1999 yuan, will be Decemb...
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The new version Office exposure with large clip-on assistant and black theme

The end of this month, Microsoft technical preview conference being held in San Francisco, will release the next generation operating system, Windows 9 developer preview. At the same time, the new...