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The use of disposable token technology, apple NFC mobile payment will be safer

Apple will launch iPhone 6 and wearable devices next month, which will support its own mobile payment platform, it also means that apple will support NFC function for the first time. Recently, acc...
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Say Goodbye to the iPod Classic

Although the Apple online store will add newcomers, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, three new Watch, the online shop is updated, there’s a commodity will disappear forever, which is the iPod Cla...
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Microsoft will stop using the NOKIA and Windows Phone by the end of this year

According to geekongadgets, according to Microsoft’s internal material, according to company’s plan they will begin stopping using NOKIA and Windows Phone these two brands from the end ...
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The iPhone 6 will support one-handed operation mode

A lot of details about the iPhone 6 has been exposed. Larger, according to the New York times iPhone 6 will have one hand optional operation mode, in order to make the domestic mobile phone is eas...
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MOTOROLA’s official release of the second generation, Moto X, Moto G and smart Moto 360 watche

According to The Verge, on September 5th MOTOROLA released three new products, including the second generation, Moto X, Moto G, and smart Moto 360 watches. The name of the second generation Moto X...
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Android Wear subsequent updates will bring GPS, offline music and more surface design

Moto 360 within three hours after online is sold out. Plus released before LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, Google Play store equipment page for sale of Android Wear smart Watch has three options...
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Samsung smart watch Gear and a small milestone: adaptation App hit the 1000

Smart watches has been tepid one reason is that the application is too little; can play a few, that can develop co., LTD. In the future, this could improve slowly. Samsung announced that, accordin...
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Google launched the first beta version of a 64 – bit Mac Chrome

Announced in the Windows version of the 64 Chrome into stable version (37) Chrome 2 days later, Google just released version of the 38 Chrome beta, in addition to adding new user profiles switch i...
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Support NFC mobile payment will become one of the biggest selling point of iPhone 6

According to attachment from informed sources, apple will  launch the next generation of mobile phone iPhone 6 next month which will support its own mobile payment platform, it will become one of ...
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Continue to provide users with better map service, Google push panoramic Camera iOS application Phot

Google has been committed to let users on Google Maps have more choices and better experience, street view, and in the Google Map to explore the major scenic spots are very typical behavior, Googl...