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Microsoft sued Samsung: after we buy Nokia, South Koreans did not pay royalties

According to Reuters, Microsoft last night sued to the United States Manhattan federal court accused Samsung patent in arrears. Microsoft senior legal adviser David Howard said, “Since Micro...
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It is rumored that the iPhone 6 or will be available on October 14

MacRumors quoted a senior director of apple store, apple iPhone 6 may be on sale in October 14, and the iPhone 6 rumors already a long time. The apple retail store, senior director, said that Octo...
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Modbook Pro is just a Kickstarter project

Once a company called Axiotron, its first product is to transform ordinary Macbook for built-in Wacom touch solutions and stylus tablets. But in its own financial problems and after apple released...
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A flood of Windows Phone is coming – HTC or Nokia

Nice flagship phone M8 HTC this year here to celebrate her twin brother, HTC One for Windows, code may be A8. According to Engadget, it as early as August will be released by the operator Verizon,...
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Amazon Fire component costs $205 higher than the iPhone 5 s, late 7 years how it will change the wor

According to Re/code, disassembly analysis research firm IHS providing a report, Amazon has just launched the Fire mobile phone components cost price is $205, higher than the apple iPhone 5 s. Aft...
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Using intelligent watches to control Tesla? Android Wear has been done

Last week, there was a developer just have designed a Browser named Wear Internet Browser for Android Wear, and already on the Google Play. This week, there is a developer to extend Android Wear t...
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The iPhone 6 may equipped with mobile payment function

Apple, according to The Information, have discussed cooperation plans with several credit card agencies readying to launch a pay service this fall, at that time, all the iPhone users can pay by eq...
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OS X Yosemite beta will be online tomorrow; official version will be released in October

In a conference last month, apple said its latest computer operating system OS X Yosemite there will be a public beta version for all users. You can apply for the test on the page with the Apple ID...
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Apple’s new patent exposure – iPod Nano + magic wristbands = “iWatch”

This Tuesday, the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) granted Apple a new patent. From the released patent documents it is shown that an electronic equipment to wear on your wrist, called iTi...
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It is alleged that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be equipped with metal shell

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 flagship phone finally is expected to get rid of the “cheap” sense of its plastic housing. According to South Korean ET News learned from people ...