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Pirates Have New 3D Film Pirating Technology

Paramount Pictures’ chief operating officer Frederick Huntsberry has informed an target audience in the CineAsia convention in Hong Kong that 3D screenings of films will not cease pirates.

Huntsberry showed away a brand recognize new technology that permitted 3D films getting captured in 2D after which pirated, by placing up a specific lens in the front concerning the movement image electronic camera that then allows the electronic camera to report between the two pictures getting displayed to provide the 3D effect.

Huntsberry also warned that P2P and particularly, electronic lockers represented the best danger in the direction of the industry. as opposed to P2P, electronic locker downloads cannot be monitored, even although also as opposed to P2P, electronic locker operators could be additional very easily sued and stopped. He stated that some electronic locker internet sites actively promoted piracy by providing benefits for document sharers.