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How to Play a Different Region’s DVD on PS3 Game Console?

The subject of region coding on DVD has suffered controversy. It is done to stop piracy, but it limits people’s enjoyment on DVDs. A region-locked DVD means it can only play in selected regions of the world. For example, a DVD produced in Canada (Region 1) will not play on equipment manufactured in England (Region 2).

Sony’s PS3 is coded in the same way as a regular DVD player. It only play DVDs produced in the same region as the PS3 itself. How to play a different region’s DVD on PS3? Well, there is an easy way to make PS3 DVD region free. Just follow the guide as below.

Make PS3 DVD Region Free

  • 1. Take the DVD from another region that you want to play on PS3, put it into your computer’s DVD drive.
  • 2. Launch your DVD copy software you have installed in your computer. Example would be CloneDVD, or anything that can make a copy of your DVD.
  • 3. Use the DVD copy software to make a copy of the DVD. CloneDVD can make direct copies of commercial DVDs, so they’ll work perfectly on any playback equipments. Creating a copy will remove any region coding on the DVD and effectively make it “Region 0,” or “all-region.” As long as you own the DVD you have copied, you can do whatever you want except distributing them in public. See the guide on how to make a copy of a DVD.
  • 4. Put the DVD copy into the PS3 disc tray. It will start to play.
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See? It is very easy to make PS3 DVD region free. Regardless of the place where the disc is produced, the copies you made will work well for this purpose as the original ones.