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Safari in iOS 8 can use camera to scan and record credit card info

Most of the time you need to enter your credit card information when shopping online, and it is a hassle to enter long numbers on mobile devices. Therefore, the Safari in Apple iOS 8 introduces a new feature, which allows users to use device camera to scan credit card, and then automatically identify the number and enter the corresponding information, thus avoiding trouble of manual entry.


Before, apple also has provided other convenient input methods, for example, user can preset credit card information in the” password and automatic filling” program in Safari, then to have a quick choice in the subsequent online shopping. It is still effective now, but iOS 8 will provide an additional “scan credit card” option. Its principle is to use the camera to capture credit card, and then use OCR (optical character recognition) technology to input digitals to the corresponding Safari text boxes.


The function is automatically activated, Apple will automatically detect whether there is card number input request on a web page request, if detected, “scan credit card” option will display over the keypad automatically. In addition to this, on the WWDC 2014, Apple also unveiled some other updates of Safari, including the redesign of Mac OS X Yosemite Safari, adding page view tags to iPad, allowing third party to use its JavaScript engine, etc. In the latest browser share report released by Shareaholic, Safari performs well and won 26% market share, second only to the Google Chrome.