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Say Goodbye to the iPod Classic


Although the Apple online store will add newcomers, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, three new Watch, the online shop is updated, there’s a commodity will disappear forever, which is the iPod Classic. A year before apple conference, someone will always worry about the iPod, after sales decline whether it will be gave up by apple, but narrowly missed every time. This time, however, the Classic really have to say goodbye to us.

Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, relying on the appearance of beautiful design and powerful function has quickly become a “star” products. The classic belongs to iPod product line, 160 g of mass storage space, can store 40000 songs, became a let other music player is difficult to go beyond the classic products. However, with the popularity of the iPhone, received a big shock. In the third quarter of this year, iPod sales have fallen to 10.2 million units, and in the same period last year sales volume is 11 million units. In fact, iPod after expansion in 2008, has been no change.

IPod Classic is using a traditional hard drive, which obviously with apple focus on flash solution strategy is a bit less. The purpose of the development of apple iPod touch, but also to provide users with better touch screen experience and replace the old equipment.

As a lot of people have had, once fondle admiringly products, its leaves, also pretty sad. But the good news is that apple will still continue to sell the iPod Classic, equipment have silver and black choice, at a price of $249.In addition, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch is also alive.