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Software for Burning Commercial DVD on Windows

If your computer has a DVD burner in it, then it probably comes with software that handles burning data to a DVD.  The software probably won’t handle making backups of commercial DVDs, because most major manufacturers like Nero don’t want to be sued by movie producers over copy-protection laws.  Commercial DVDs are encrypted and must be decrypted before they can be copied. That is to say, you will need third-party software for burning DVD.

Hardware needed: Windows OS computer, DVD drive, DVD burner

Software needed: CloneDVD

Medium: source DVD, blank DVD

As specialized DVD burning software, CloneDVD decrypts commercial DVD movie by removing all existing DVD protections automatically to copy it to a blank DVD.


Step 1. Free download the software for burning DVD, install and run it on Windows OS computer.

Step 2. Insert original DVD disc into your drive.

Step 3. Select the same drive as both source and target.

set target

Step 4. Select DVD as output format, and specify target DVD disc size.

dvd size

Step 5. Select desired copy mode.

copy mode

Step 6. Click “Start” to begin to burn the DVD to temporary hard disk folder.

Step 7. Eject the original DVD disc and insert a blank DVD disc, then cancel autoplay and press “OK”, CloneDVD will begin to burn to the blank DVD disc.

burn to dvd


If you have both DVD-ROM and DVD±RW coexisting, you can insert the source DVD and target DVD at the same time. The DVD burning software will directly burn the source contents onto the blank disc.