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Sony gets ‘Social’ at DVD party in L.A.

Sony threw a friendly — at times, as well friendly — bash Thursday in anticipation of its digital video disc start of “The interpersonal Network” with one guest, who’d been sampling the bubbly, swiftly escorted out belonging toward Spago-hosted event shortly after receiving as well chummy using the filmmakers.

But nobody allow that dampen the mood, even although Jesse Eisenberg was observed milling about with co-stars Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer and helmer David Fincher.

Eisenberg, who stayed busy all evening with press and well-wishers, described his latest “Social Network” acceptance as “compensating for that 1st 26 many years of my life.”

“It’s odd for that reason how the movement photo by itself has been given much more concern than any other movement photo I’ve seen,” Eisenberg said. “And as overwhelming as that is for me, there’s this social embrace belonging toward movement photo that could allow it to be challenging for me to determine my area in it.”

Eisenberg’s castmates also stayed humble concerning the pic’s latest accolades, with Garfield saying, “The work of really producing the movement photo was one of the most gratifying thing. That was the payoff.”

And whether or not homevid viewers will see embarrassing moments inside the digital video disc extras, Timberlake quipped, “I reduce all that out.”