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Sony intros six new 3D, BDXL Blu-ray players

Sony Japan has released 6 new Blu-ray avid gamers that will hold out back again 3D Blu-ray discs and help the brand new 100GB BDXL structure advertising as well. All also have built-in difficult drives and so are optical disc writers permitting customers to report tv content articles and dual tuners for documenting two exhibits at exactly the same exact time. an even more shared function is truly a half-second boot up time from standby mode.

Users interface utilizing Sony’s common XMB also found within PS3, and have entry to tv listings in HD. The BDZ-AX2000 alone obtains Sony’s CREAS professional image digesting engine, even although another people obtain the much less superior CREAS three technology.

The AX2000 obtains a 2TB difficult drive, using the AX1000 sporting a 1TB drive. The BDZ-AT900 consists of a 1TB drive, the AT700 obtains a 500GB HDD as well as the AT500 helps make do using a 320GB unit. The entry-level BDZ-AT300S has only one tuner collectively with a 500GB difficult drive.

Prices stay unknown, as does when if in any method of the gadgets will dispatch outside of Japan.