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Special requirements of home theater system for speaker

Home theater surround sound systems generally use the playback system, the number of channels and more popular Dolby Digital and DTS systems to use the five broad-band form front and rear channel speakers, plus a subwoofer.
The requirements of these speakers with high-fidelity two-channel system on the request is no different, is still wide frequency response, low distortion, low coloration, and good transient response to common requests, in principle, as long as the outstanding performance of the speaker to listen to music , no problem for home theater, but those who are weak dynamic speaker output (such as LS3/5A) is not suitable, if encountered when large dynamic hot scenes easily overload distortion. Because the center speaker generally used on the TV, it should have anti-magnetic properties. In addition, each channel should be coordinated speaker sound, preferably with the range of products with manufacturers.