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Demystifying Several Stunning Features of the new iOS 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook once has called “the biggest change to iOS since the launch of the original iPhone.” What he refers is the newly-released Apple iOS 7. For months up until now, analyses, criticisms, and rumors have swirled about it. But finally iOS 7 came to its birth. Of course, change doesn’t come easily, or quietly. Today we will write something on the significant implications of a few iOS7 features.


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To begin with, we have to mention its simplicity. As we’ve seen, the new iOS7 will be simple. Much simpler than anything Apple has ever produced in an interface. Bevels, borders, bars have been stripped away and ornamentation has become a thing of the past in iOS7. With iOS6, actions such as gaining access to a flashlight on your phone required many complicated steps; with iOS7, it’s only a matter of sliding the screen.


Motion in iOS7 is another subtle yet significant innovation. Much attention has been paid to the details in movement: the animations and transitional motions in the new operating system are much more elegant, creating a smoother and seamless experience. For instance, when the phone is unlocked, the app icons no longer simply slide in. They float in and fall into place, gracefully. With experiential enhancements like these, Apple has raised the bar on what good design should be: simple and useful, with little distractions.


The overhaul of iOS7 into a more modern, experience-oriented interface will have great implications for those of us in the mobile design and development industry. At Fueled, we spend time and effort building sophisticated motion graphics and modern design into our apps, yet it has never been a part of the native experience until now with iOS7. Apple is famous for its hardware and the beauty of its devices. While we used to commission the world’s best artists to paint our chapels and ceremonial halls, we now commission the world’s best digital artists to create software. Expect iOS7 to set a major precedent that will impact the entire world of web design.