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Say good iTunes and Beats in integrating Music streaming, finall

In August last year, apple has completed acquisition of Beats, Beats co-founder Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre joined the apple, and Beats head of streaming Music Ian Rogers, who at…

The first full use iPhone film, is the story about the LGBT comm

Last week we mentioned the sundance film festival puts glorious greatly VR movies, then have a stunning works four: the Tangerine (orange), all scenes are by the iPhone 5 s…

YouTube test new features: the user can choose their seats to wa

On February 5th, YouTube launched a new test function: users can switch camera Angle in the process of video playback.This video from multiple perspectives only at the test stage, so…

Adblock Plus there, Google, Microsoft and Amazon darling pay the

Adblock Plus is a German start-ups do one of the world's most popular free advertising screen plug-in, currently in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and can be used on Android mobile…

Real meaning generation Windows Embedded: up and down about 10 &

As early as the BUILD conference last year, Joe Belfiore on a massive "stamped on the piano" brief demonstrated "Windows on Device" (also known as Windows for IoT).But today, we…

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