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Text Effects and Unicode Characters in MPEG-4 Subtitles and Add the Subtitle to a MPEG-4 Video

Dealing with Unicode text subtitles is miserable. Compatibility issues between different programs are difficult to treat, not a small part, because different programs that can handle Unicode text files, save them in different ways – which may make them unreadable in many other programs, even those who are compatible with Unicode. This article will attempt to state these incompatibilities. I hope this will not push the readers to the edge of going crazy.

As you probably know, is the normal way to see the subtitles with an MPEG-4 is to place a separate, special mentioned text files of subtitles in the same folder that contains the video file.

The main disadvantages of using separate text files for subtitles on stand-alone DVD player (there is no great weakness for software players, other than the pursuit of separate files) are ugliness and lack of readability – and the complete lack of graphical formatting. I can’t say all brands of DVD players, but after using two Apex models, a AVAYON and now an LG DVB418, I watched the subtitled MPEG-4 when control codes, such as “i” and “/ i “will be displayed on the screen instead of the actual text in italics. In addition, none of these players manipulate a text file of subtitles saved as Unicode (if you ever have an SRT-file, which would not display any subtitles on the DVD, it probably because the file has been saved in Unicode. – use WordPad or similar text editor to re-save the file in standard format, plain text (ANSI) format, and it will probably work).

The only alternative to standalone DVD players is to burn the subtitles permanently in video file after the subtitles finalized with all the improvements in the shape that you want to finish.

To add the subtitle to a MPEG-4 video, you need a video editing tool. Prepare the subtitle files first and download the tool – Aviosoft Video Converter. Load video files to the program, click “subtitle” and then tick “Enable the plug-in subtitle”, browse to add subtitle files. You can make it open as read only or not.