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The Best Way to Backup DVD

DVD disk is a very fragile storage medium and very easy to damage even though there is special protection layer. It is often scratched if you drop it to the ground or store it in wrong way and get errors while playing. Some limited-version DVDs are very expensive, so it does make sense to backup DVD. If you are also a DVD movie fun, you must need a decent DVD backup solution to create safety copies, so that your original precious DVD collection is well protected from loss or damage.

There are many ways to backup DVD and the choice depends on users’ preferences. If you have a good home theater and would like to have the best available quality, backup copies are best to be made on DVD disks. It is quite easy to do if the original disk is DVD-5, and case would be more difficult if the disk is DVD-9.  However, many movies are recorded on DVD-9.

Double-layered recordable disks are the best solution for this case, but not available to everyone as double-layered disks require a DVD recorder drive that can handle them. Luckily enough, special software such as CloneDVD allows copying double-layered DVD (DVD-9) to double-layered DVD (DVD-9), or  2 single-layered DVDs (DVD-5), and it also allows compressing the double-layered DVD into one single-layered DVD.

If you don’t have home theater and prefer to watch movies on computer, you don’t have to burn anything, just watch movies from DVD backups on your hard drive at any time (CloneDVD dose have this feature). And if your hard disk doesn’t have so much space, you can repackage movies from MPEG-2 to some formats with advanced compression such as MP4, AVI, 3GP etc. As a result of such conversion, the movies can be shrunk to fit portable devices and keep the original video quality by using smart compression technology of the DVD backup software.

Now, it should be very easy for you to choose the best way to backup DVD. No matter what way you prefer, CloneDVD will satisfy your needs quite well. Prefer to watch movies on home theater? It can backup DVD to double-layered / single-layered DVD. Prefer to watch movie on PC? It is able to create a copy of DVD on your hard drive. And what’s more, it supports convert DVD movies to mobile devices which make DVD watching more convenient.