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The Honig Company’s 3D-Canceling, 2D-Glasses

The Honig institution features a alternative for moviegoers who get headaches from seeing 3D. The answer: 2D glasses.

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The Honig institution estimates that 30 million Americans, or 10% inside the populace have minor eyesight matters that deliver about headaches and discomfort when seeing 3D content. while standard 3D eyeglasses show a completely different photo to every eye, the 2D eyeglasses prevent the 2nd image, displaying exactly the comparable photo to each eyes, and canceling out the illusion of 3D. The 2D eyeglasses allow individuals who get headaches from seeing 3D to nonetheless become a member of family people members and near friends in the theater.

The 2D eyeglasses are low-priced, using a producers advised price tag of $7.99。