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The intelligent and tall, SmartWatch which to choose?


Today article attracted the attention of big Allen, mentioned in the text and the fashion industry has been in the fight against the proliferation of counterfeit goods. Now, these counterfeit luxury goods with new forms –Android Wear smart watch.

FaceRepo is one of many sites dedicated to providing a variety of digital dial downloaded, the user can dial for Moto 360, the LG G Watch and SAMSUNG Gear Smart Watch the screen, so that these devices look similar in appearance and high-end watches.

As of now there are three of the most popular dial, single-product price which is higher than the three watches $ 3,000, of which Devon Tread1 E Men’s Time Belt Microstep Motor Watch the price is more than 15,000 US dollars. This table is great type, want to see the video of the stamp here to get started.

FaceRepo founder admitted that he had received notification from the legal department of a few watch manufacturers, asking him to immediately lower the document holder. These companies, including many first-line international watch brands, including Panerai, Omega, TISSOT, Swatch and Giorgio Armani and so on.

FaceRepo clearly not the only one available for download dial website. Google Play has a lot of similar Android Wear applied in a very low price to sell, one copied ROLEX GMT-Master II of the dial, and the other to mimic the TAG Heuer’s Grand Carrera.

Big fly think this is actually quite stupid, smart watches the highest price 3000 yuan has been sold but, like in the above prices do “luxury” of the article is simply nonsense.

 Watch has not officially on sale, but Apple’s approach is worth learning, he passed the three types of products will be the price of stratification, in the case of the user experience are similar, there are some people were willing to buy 24k gold version of the reason is that the watch the value of this object, that want luxury, with your OS did not pass, you have to go ask the designers crafted for your product, you have to ask gilded sell high prices. The more “luxury” of the dial, all nonsense.

But this can also be seen on the things children bottlenecks encountered in the current smart watches, in addition to bring cool doctrine and quickly see the phone notification, smart watches can now barely a third exciting “dry point” .

This development, not worth mentioning.