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The new design principle of Google – Material Design


When the designers of Google search interface Jon Wiley saw Google Now card interactions, he finally said, “what below them when I slide the card?” This sounds naive questions inspired vice President of Google executives Matias Duarte, which lays a foundation for Google’s future design standards. What is under the “CARDS?”Duarte, in accordance with the ideas continues to think about, what is the material of card? What color card is? How do people pick up the CARDS? Finally, Duarte led a group of designers under the direction of exploration, and called it “Material Design”.

Duarte’s Material Design is not the same as apple previously proposed Design. Quasiphysical design is to try to use graphic and interactive object in design simulation. And the Material Design is more abstract, which does not care about what is real, only care about its texture, level, depth, and other objects stacked logic. To some extent, the Material Design is more like the interface into the sheets of paper. Therefore, it had earlier rumored that Google will named the new design standard as Quantum Paper Paper (Quantum).

In spite of the Material Design with quasi materialized and flattening characteristics at the same time, Duarte satisfied with the Design of the flat is not apple now. He thought the interaction interface should be in conformity with the human habits and expectations, “we don’t take a pile of things” shua “for you, what we do is to follow the laws of physics, but in the real world there is no interaction”. Think on iOS7 after open any application you can see, you understand what he means…