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To upgrade the iOS 8 required huge storage space is huge


Update: if really clean out enough storage space it doesn’t matter, also through iTunes to upgrade. As our previous forecast, Beijing time at 1 am today, a 8 official version of the iOS upgrade apple push.Apple is solid, the iOS 8 said to be “the biggest release since the launch of the App Store”.Right, the biggest!

Believe that a lot of friends like me, up early in the morning, enthusiastic to upgrade but found: pit dad!The required storage space is too big.On the iPhone 5 s, iOS 1.1 installation package size 8 GB, the installation process, require at least 5.8 GB of storage space, you want to use is 8 g iPhone 5 c, from powder to passers-by also not impossible…

Another word, the 4 s friend, suggest now and don’t try so hard to upgrade, first slowly, animation caton, designed for larger screens iOS 8 in a 3.5 -inch screen will appear all sorts of display problems, such as mail text input box in the space is too small