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Top 5 Reasons to Clone DVDs

Although DVDs are far more durable than other data-storage devices, they can still be damaged by heat and scratches. So this might be the most important reason why we need to create copies of our useful DVD records in case they were damaged, broken, theft or lost.

Since we spend a rather large amount of money to buy our preferred movies on DVD every year, it only makes sense to also invest in DVD copy software to protect our favorite DVD collection.

Another popular reason to clone DVDs is to share our colorful life with our family or friends. For example, if we have created some DVD videos of family milestones, or other important moments in our life, we may want to share the happiness with our friends. In this case, we are able to create DVD copies as presents for them.

A fourth reason to clone DVDs is that it permits us to decrypt the copy protection on some commercial DVDs. Those DVDs are limited to play on certain DVD players or regions. We need DVD copy software to crack the copy restriction and allows us to play the DVDs on any player we like.

And in other situations, like we rented a DVD from a DVD store. If their rules allow us to clone DVDs, we can clone the rented DVD to blank disc or our computer in case it was expired. It’s a way to enjoy our digital life while saving money.

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