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What is Blu-Ray DVD?

Blu-ray DVD format, with a 36MB / s data transfer rate, and uses MPEG-2 streaming media compression method, compatable with standard global digital broadcasting. Single-sided single-layer Blu-ray DVD disc storage capacity is defined as 23.3GB, 25GB and 27GB, with the highest capacity (27GB) is nearly 6 times the current red-sided single-layer DVD disc capacity (4.7GB).

As a new generation of storage media format which was jointly developed by Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi and other nine companies, Blue-ray Disc wined in the competition with HD DVD, the relevant products has been becoming more common in the market. At present, it is still in its infancy, in 2008 the world’s actual sales volume of BD drive was only about 370 million units, ODD accounted for only 1.2% of total billing, but compared with its volume in 2007 is only about 90 million units, growing up to 4 times higher than the market showed strong growth in BD drive strength.

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