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What is DVD and Why DVD is Popular

DVD, short for Digital versatile disk, is an optical disc storage format which was initially intended to substitute for VHS tapes, since it is inconvenient to carry movies, music, multimedia and interactive software and it holds between 7 and 25 times the data. Never before has one new technology changed so many aspects of home entertainment. As a storage device, DVD is quite useful and compact since it can reduce redundant information as well as the pitch from 1600 nanometers to 740 nanometers. And by acquiring more tracks, the DVD capacity can go up from 700 MB to 4.5 GB. Also, In DVD, the information is stored in layers and on both sides of DVD, thus it takes smaller space and cost less.

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Generally speaking, DVD boasts storage of a couple GBs. The capacity of floppies remained at a measly 1.44 MB, whereas the CD could store 700 MB and the DVD could store initially 4.5 GB, and designed with double sided double layer, the DVD can store up to 17 GB. However, even DVD works well in store data, it owns super cost advantage. The cost of blank DVD is quite small, and with the development of DVD technology, the cost advantage of DVD will become further obvious. With DVD writers becoming cheap, the costs of carrying of data with you will reduce considerably.

In fact, the best advantage in using the DVD technology is the portability. DVD achieves its huge capacity by packing more data into the same physical space as a CD. You can easily carry a stack of DVDs instead of carrying those bulky tapes and the bulkier VHS player. DVD’s huge capacity also supports ultra-realistic picture quality and hi-fi sound not to mention interactive multimedia enhancements. With a DVD player fitted below the passenger seat in your car or at any suitable place in your toy hauler, anyone can enjoy the movies with friends even while traveling. If you want to carry the DVD movies in a much more convenient way and you don’t want bother to carry the DVDs, you can choose a DVD Ripper, like CloneDVD Studio DVD Ripper, to rip DVD to portable devices for on-the-go DVD movie enjoyment.