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What is pirated DVDs?

Of course, the pirated DVD (called the D-line version) is also the source of China’s most popular dish. Early DVD discs are “stealing” the very poor, blurred sound and picture are not synchronized, false AC-3 found everywhere, mainly because the sources is bad, there is LD Edition, VCD version, even stealing from the film version, it is extremely disgusting. Later, due to advances in technology (such as DECSS) and new sources of improvement (zone 1 or zone 3 Genuine DVD), gradually appeared among thieves “Tao” DVD, so we have the conditions to enjoy movies with almost the same quality with the genuine audio-visual one. Personal opinion: would prefer to spend big price appreciation of a good quality DVD-big movie, shall not let the shoddy so-called “DVD” pollute our eyes.

Because the price of pirated DVD is low, D5 (single platter single-sided single-layer) 4-10 yuan 1, D9 (single platter single-sided double-layer) 10-40 yuan, if not enthusiasts, it is near the quality of original one, and far more better than the VCD, so well received by the DVD customers. However, because of pirated discs disc material issues, there is a problem: the collection time is not long, only 3 to 5 years of life, a few years after play does not work anymore, and some can only stand for 1 year. If your economic strength allows and you buy for collection, I recomand you purchase the original disc, only the original disc was truly 100 years of quality assurance. And you can making a backup for you DVD by using our DVD copy softwareCloneDVD 5.