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What is VR (video recording) MODE?

VR mode (Video Recording mode) is a feature on stand-alone, consumer DVD recorders which allows recording and editing recorded video on a DVD rewritable disc. In VR mode, users can create and rename titles for the scenes. Also, if a scene is deleted, the space allocated by it will be utilized later without the need of reformatting a disc.

Similarly to Mount Rainier packet writing, if the user would like to record on the same disc again on VR mode, users may eject the disc and it will not be finalized by the recorder until it was manually initiated. For the sake of comparison, any DVD disc recorded in VR’s competitor V mode (or Video mode) will be automatically finalized before it is ejected by the recorder. Disc finalization is still required if the disc formatted for VR mode will be played to another DVD player.

Currently, users can only record in VR mode with the use of DVD-RW disc, and on some recorders, also on hard-disk drives. DVD+RWs and Blu-ray discs are also expected to support VR mode.

Understand VR Mode

Rewritable DVD discs can be recorded in two video formats: DVD-Video, the format that commercial movies use; or VR (Video Recording). VR mode enables on-disc editing, so you can alter menus, change the menu background, and retitle a disc. In VR mode, space occupied by deleted scenes or titles is actually freed up; in DVD-Video mode, it’s not available until you reformat the disc. Discs recorded in VR mode are compatible only with players and recorders that support VR, e.g. DVD X Player – DVD Player software. Still, if your recorder offers VR, use it: That way, you have the option to edit if you wish; and if not, you can always convert the disc to DVD-Video later.

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