DVD X Utilities

DVD X Utilities - all-in-one CSS/Region-free DVD Playback/Backup/Author tools suite.

DVD X Utilities is a complete solution for DVD Playback/copying/authoring.

This suite covers the full spectrum of DVD video software. The cutting-edge function aggregate leverages your traditional DVD utilizing ways.

With this comprehensive set of tools, you can :
release a region-blocked DVD drive or player to play DVDs without region limitation.
backup copyright-protected DVD movies,
easily author your own favorite music DVD discs,
you can even make those third party DVD playback/backup software region-free and CSS-free.

There are multiple separate DVD tools contained in, CloneDVD, DVD X Player, DVD Ghost and Audio DVD Maker.


DVD X Utilities Features

DVD X Utilities

There are multiple separate DVD tools contained in DVD X Utilities.
CloneDVD, DVD X Player, DVD Ghost & Audio DVD Maker.

* CloneDVD --- DVD to DVDRW,iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP and Smart Phone.
A DVD movie backup software to protect you against DVD disc lost or damage. Without warning and water-mark, the copied disc publishes 1:1 perfect audio & video quality as the original DVD and is playable on PC and home DVD player. It supports whole disc/main movie only/customized/split disc copy, compatible with all popular DVD media and dual-layer DVD burner. The newly added DVD editing features lets you make your own movie easily by trimming, cropping, merging, adding watermark or subtitle or adjusting brightness/contrast/hue/saturation.

* DVD X Player ---the first region-free software DVD player & DVD Recorder in the world. You can play all regions DVD on all DVD drives even if you have changed the region code 5 times. Integrating all functions of a standard DVD player, it also provides you with enhanced functions. It supports S/PDIF output of DTS signals, DVD record, bookmark, image capture, play media file, play main movie only and region code setting that a common DVD player cannot fulfill.

* DVD Ghost --- a utility working with DVD playback/copy software to remove copyright and region limitation. It makes your normal DVD playback/copy software restriction-free and allows you to copy copyright-protected DVD movies to hard disk. Through this software your player will be able to play all regions DVD on all DVD drives.

* Audio DVD Maker --- an audio file converter and music DVD creator for you to stay far away stacks of CD. You can convert most popular audio file, burn them to DVD disc or output to hard disk; record or rip audio track from multi-media file; add image and lyric as playback background to author your own music DVD.

DVD X Utilities System Requirements

CPU Intel CPU with 350 MHz and MMX, or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher
Memory 64MB RAM or more
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Devices All DVD-ROM drives, All DVD writer drives